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Vidalita | Viernes con una Letra

by Laura on January 24, 2015

AnocheOscar is in the other room preparing for tonight’s workshop…

I’m hearing soleá and lots of pies which is making me want to do a letra por soleá,

But it’s ida y vuelta month, so obviously that won’t be happening. Speaking of Oscar and cantes de ida y vulelta, his favorite cante is guajiras.

But back to today’s letra

Below is part of the vidalita that Mayte Martin sings on her album Querencia. Apparently it’s her adaptation of one by Juan Valderrama.


Anoche mientras dormía
del cansancio fatigao
no sé que sueño dorao
cruzó por la mente mia
soñaba que te veia
y que me estabas mirando
y yo te estaba contando
mi vida triste, muy triste
y te desapareciste
al despertarme llorando

Last night while I slept
from fatigued exhaustion
I don’t know what golden dream
crossed through my mind
I dreamt that I saw you
and that you were watching me
and that I was telling you 
of my sad life, so sad
and you disappeared
as I awoke crying

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Rumba | Viernes con una Letra

by Laura on January 17, 2015

I am hearing Ada singing right now. And Ellie doing palmas. I am seeing Margot dancing.

This is all happening in my mind.

And I am smiling.

They are my nieces.

Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve the four of us found moments of time here and there to prepare for our show.

I guess it has become an annual thing, putting on a family flamenco show for my sister’s birthday. Except for last year when I stayed in Portland for the holidays.

I could go on and on about the show, and about how happy it makes me feel to share flamenco with my family, but

I’ll just tell you about how it pertains to today’s letra

You see, Margot danced the rumba below with abanico. It was something that she learned in her flamenco class with Rocío. Margot taught me her version as I was instructed to sing and accompany with palmas, along with my two other nieces.

Her version was a variation of the words below from the popular Cuban songBilongo, (La Negra Tomasa) which I discovered was originally written by Guillermo Rodríguez Fiffe.

And so, a rumba, as we continue with this month’s Ida y Vuelta series. [read more…]


Aquella noche - guajirasThe second letra in this month’s Ida y Vuelta series.

A guajiras.


Aquella noche, caía
la lluvia muy lentamente,
cantaba triste la fuente
su dulce monotonía.
Un almendro florecía
al aire frío de enero,
y en la quietud del sendero,
sobre la arena amarilla
me ofreciste la mejilla
para mis besos primeros.

That night, it fell
the rain, very slowly
sadly the fountain sang
its sweet monotony.
An almond tree blossomed
to the cold air of January
and in the stillness of the path,
over the yellow sand
you offered me your cheek
for my first kisses.

Watch Rocío Márquez singing it below: [read more…]


A Rose in a Rose Bush | Viernes con una Letra

by Laura on January 3, 2015

10911361_10152468259736568_9075268414070625452_o You absolutely positively have to listen to this (the first song in the video below).

I’m serious.

It’s one of those, and I’m pretty much positive that it will make your life better the moment you press play. You could even just listen to the first twenty seconds though that will likely be impossible because I imagine once you get started you probably will want to hear the whole song.

It’s Enrique Morente and his daughter Estrella singing a colombianas.

First the letra:


Una rosa en un rosal
gasta mucha fantasía
viene el viento y la deshoja
ya está la rosa perdida

A rose in a rosebush
is full of fantasy
The wind comes and pulls its petals off
and the rose is lost

And now that video:

You can hear another version of him singing it here.

Stay tuned next week for a rumba and a report about how I learned it from my nieces.

P.S. This month of January will be a month featuring cantes de ida y vuelta.


The FlamencoTour to Jerez happens in April. Care to join me? [read more…]


Unexpected Moments of Opportunity in 2015

by Laura on January 1, 2015


Ha llegado, 2015.

2015 is here.

I am looking forward to unexpected moments of opportunity in this new year.

(I’m talking about looking at things like this.)

Thank you 2014.

Welcome 2015.

Here’s to flamenco and learning and amistad.

amistad – friendship

Thank you for being here with me.

¡Felíz año nuevo to you! [read more…]


El de la gorraOne more letra por bulerías for December.

Bulerías (popular verse)

Él de la gorra gris
yo estoy loquita por él
y él no me quiere a mí

The one with the grey hat
I’m crazy about him,
and he doesn’t love me.

This is week five of bulerías shared by Zorri.

It’s the final letra of this series.

Next week will be next year.

Do you know about the Dance as if You Were in Class With Mercedes Holiday Challenge?

It’s going on now through December 31, and you can still get in on it (from the comfort of your own home)! Click here to find out more.


You can leave a comment here.

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Felices Fiestas

by Laura on December 21, 2014

Felices Fiestas

~ Happy Holidays ~

It’s the winter solstice! (This is how we were celebrating last year.)

Though classes are out for winter vacation, I’m still itching to dance, and I know you might be too.

Dancing is one of my favorite ways to cure holiday and sometimes family overwhelm.

If you too feel like dancing during this coming week but have no class to go to, tune into the experience flamenco blog and join me for the Dance as if You Were in Class With Mercedes Holiday Challenge. (You can do it in your bedroom.)

Want to know what it’s all about?

Sign up here to get the details as soon as they’re released. We’ll start on Monday!

Felices Fiestas and Happy Holidays to you.

p.s. If you’re looking for a holiday gift for you or a friend, gift certificates are on sale until December 31st.

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Que dolor de mi mareWill 2015 be the year to go to Spain?

More on that below, but first a letra:

Bulerías (popular verse)

Qué dolor de mi mare
tengo la camisa sucia
no tengo quien me la lave

The sorrow of my mother
I have a dirty shirt
I have nobody to wash it for me

You can listen to it here.

Stay tuned next week for the final letra of 2014 and the final installment of this series of bulerías shared by Zorri. (Don’t worry, you’ll see more letras from him here and there in the future.)

Will 2015 be the year you travel to Spain?

The Spring 2015 FlamencoTour happens April 16 – 30. It’s a personalized trip to Spain to study flamenco in its country of origin.

I remember the first time I went to Spain to study and how hard it was going all on my own. I remember feeling that I had no choice but to do it alone because nobody else knew what I wanted or needed, because I knew of nobody else interested in going to Spain to study flamenco.

I created the FlamencoTour because I wanted an easier (and much more fun) way to do it!

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to study flamenco in Spain but felt too afraid or overwhelmed to actually go, why not join me this spring in Jerez de la Frontera? Sign up here to get all of the details. [read more…]


She Wants It To Be Real | Viernes con una Letra

by Laura on December 12, 2014

Loca y disparatada bulerías

This afternoon I was working on the letra.

I translated it, wrote it out, took a picture of it, and then decided I’d better hurry up and take a quick walk before the sun went down. It was nice out, and I could finish the post later.

It began to rain minutes after I began my walk.

I guess I needed to be rained on.

The sky had given me no indication that this was going to happen. It had been sunny all day, and all I noticed were beautiful nearning sunset colors from the moment I stepped outside. So many colors and shades of brightness that I didn’t really see the grey rain clouds.

I notice lots of things,

But sometimes I miss certain things that would be most helpful to notice, like they grey clouds. (I remember seeing shades of pink and taupe in front of me, but this beautiful white fluffy cloud that had turned golden from the sun against the blue sky to my right stole my attention, and I headed in that direction.)

Perhaps sometimes I notice certain things and turn away, not really wanting to see them.

Wanting things to be different than they are.

All of this had me thinking of the letra… [read more…]

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No se lo que te han contao

It’s week two of bulerías shared by Zorri.


No sé lo que te han contao
que hasta vuelve la cabeza
cuando pasa por mi lao

I don’t know what they told you
that has you turn your head,
when you pass by my side

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