December Classes

Flamenco in Dec photo

Come dance with us in December!

“You have a lot to offer those trying to make something out of life when it doesn’t fit the cookie cutter we’re told it should look like.  I think that’s why I love coming to your class, not just for flamenco, but for community and reminding me that I too have a story and I can be destined for great things.” – Seana Yee/student

“I’m thrilled to have found Laura to study with. In the super intimidating world of flamenco, Laura’s down-to-earth teaching style is refreshing and puts me at ease. I’ve had serious anxiety showing up to flamenco classes around the country, enough to make a girl want to run and give up completely. Laura is warm, nonjudgmental and humble, making her corrections easy on a dancer. And she has beautiful flamenco lines  to watch and absorb, so important.
Laura has a super rare and highly marketable niche in the flamenco world. She’s breaking down the structure and language of flamenco for those of us who weren’t raised in the culture. It could take me years to crack this code on my own. It’s exactly what I need, and exactly what I’ve been looking for. She’s bringing the culture to us, serving it up in bite sized portions, even spoon feeding it when necessary. So grateful!” – Heather Cogburn/student

“I absolutely loved my experience with Portland Flamenco Events!  Laura has the special gift to elevate her students’ Flamenco knowledge in an easily digestible way – probably because she fully embodies Flamenco and understands it backwards and forwards!  I was visiting from North Carolina for a month and decided to purchase the month unlimited classes deal.  I will say from my 5 years of studying Flamenco (off and on), I have learned more in this one month and feel better prepared to actually DANCE than I have in all the other years. I truly appreciate all of the teachers (Julie, Stefani – sorry if I missed anyone else!) and the dedication and camaraderie of the students involved with Portland Flamenco Events. It was really hard to leave my new Flamenco family behind, but I hope to keep in touch via Skype sessions and come back next year for more!!”  – Teresa Ferlotti/student